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800 Florida Avenue Northeast
Washington, DC, 20002
United States

Active Brothers

Active Brothers


The 2018-2019 Firl Administration

Grand Rajah Gideon Bourne Firl

Kamoos Bailey James Moers

Tahdheed Bradley Leo Bourgeois

Mukhtar Franklin Robert Stewart

Abbah Ganesa Geoffrey Oland Mompremier

Abbah Tekoth Gilwon Seo


The Brethren

Brother Malik Bartolomew Amann

Brother Timothy Peter Artinian

Brother Connor Alexander Baer

Brother Ilan Ben-Moshe

Brother Jake Alan Bonheyo

Brother Tristan Vernon Boren

Brother Angel Blake Cloud

Brother Cody Warren Crace

Brother Colton Dee Crace

Brother Julio Tres Diaz III

Brother Jomar Jose Figueroa

Brother Jerrod John Grill

Brother Jake Avis Grindstaff

Brother Michael James Hesser

Brother Damon Douglas Hopp

Brother Anthony Murray Laucevicius

Brother Cody Richard Moers

Brother Sajiran Nadarajah

Brother Timothy Odunayo Olakunle

Brother Zane Crowley Pedersen

Brother Connor Joseph Rosko

Brother Matthew Scott Sherman

Brother Brett C Sonnenstrahl

Brother Garrett James Gene Springer

Brother Logan Zachary Waldo

Brother Cody Richard John Zimmer

Brother Robert Bruce Weinstock, Simvoilos